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It's easy for our teen collection to get buried behind newer books. Check out these lost and now found titles!

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Bewitching Season (Holt)
In 1837, as seventeen-year-old twins, Persephone and Penelope, are starting their first London Season they find that their beloved governess, who has taught them everything they know about magic, has disappeared.

Big Splash (Ferraiolo)
Matt Stevens is a seventh-grade private detective. When he accepts a job from Vinny Biggs to track down his stolen good luck charm, Matt finds out that Nikki Fingers, the most feared squirt gun assassin at Franklin Junior High, is the culprit.

Corydon and the Island of Monsters (Druitt)
Corydon, an outcast Greek boy with the leg of a goat, learns that he is part of an old prophecy and joins forces with Medusa and other "monsters" known in Greek mythology in a confrontation with mortal heroes fighting for the Olympian gods.

DINGO (De Lint)
Seventeen-year-old Miguel Schreiber and a long-term enemy are drawn into a strange dream world when they fall in love with shapeshifting sisters from Australia--twins hiding from a cursed ancestor who can only be freed with the girls' cooperation.

Fire From the Rock (Draper)
In 1957, Sylvia Patterson's life--that of a normal African American teenager--is disrupted by the impending integration of Little Rock's Central High when she is selected to be one of the first black students to attend the previously all white school. Includes author's note and related websites.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Duncan)
Four teen-agers who have desperately tried to conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run accident are pursued by a mystery figure seeking revenge.

A Gift of Magic (Duncan)
Until she learns to control it, Nancy's gift of extrasensory perception brings her more trouble than she can handle.

Killing Mr. Griffin (Duncan)
Plans to kidnap their English teacher go awry for a group of teenagers.

They Never Came Home (Duncan)
When two teenage boys vanish on a camping trip, a stranger claims that one owes him two thousand dollars. The boy's sister volunteers to repay the money while continually looking for clues that he is alive.

Quarterback Walk-On (Dygard)

When the fourth-string quarterback for a Texas college team suddenly finds himself next Saturday's starter, he has a plan for winning.

I Am the Ice Worm (Easley)
When the plane carrying her to visit her mother crashes above the Arctic Circle, fourteen-year-old Allison Atwood is rescued by an Inupiat man who takes her back to his village, where she slowly comes to admire their very different way of life.

Frannie in Pieces (Ephron)
When fifteen-year-old Frannie's father dies, only a mysterious jigsaw puzzle that he leaves behind can help her come to terms with his death.

Tim Defender of the Earth (Enthoven)
When two gargantuan, human-made monsters clash over the future of the human race and the planet, fourteen-year-old Anna Mallahide has a hard time convincing her classmate, Chris Pitman, that he must play any role in the outcome of their epic battle.

Sacred Leaf (Ellis)
Twelve year old Diego escapes from slavery at an illegal cocaine operation and is taken in by the Ricardos, coca farmers.

Murkmere (Elliot)
A village girl, newly companion to the Master's ward in the days following the Ministration, challenges the motives of the religious leaders of the Divine Beings, the birds.

Toby and the Secrets of the Tree (Fombelle)
Thirteen-year-old Toby's tiny world is under greater threat than ever as Leo Blue holds Elisha prisoner while hunting the Grass People and anyone who stands in the way of his devastating plans for the oak tree in which they all live, but this time Toby is not alone.